Yippee! The semester is over! (Part two)

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To continue from my earlier post, with this one for those of us who are studying or under high stress!

Here are some tips to unwind over your semester break 🙂

  • take time for yourself! go for a walk on the beach, get out in the bush! New Zealand is full of easy to access nature, so get out there and enjoy it! – reconnecting with nature has shown many benefits, including lowered stress and increased mood.
  • go see your massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath or counselor to help support you to be your best self before going back to study.
  • get plenty of sleep – sleep is important for your memory, energy, digestion and more.
  • take some time to see your friends and family – this is probably the most important one, when studying us students can become someone hermits especially around exam or end of semester time 🙂
  • meditate! Start your practice now to ensure you continue into the semester – meditation may lower your stress, increase mood, support digestion, and empower you with a stress management technique for the semester to come.
  • exercise (this can be combined with the first tip). – exercise is important for almost every aspect of your health
  • eat lots of nutritious foods – nuts, seeds, vegetables, soups, broths (lots of proteins and fats!)
  • find that one thing that makes you happy (30 minutes max) and do it at least once a week! – my thing is getting out in the garden 🙂
  • organise yourself for the semester to come to make things easier on yourself – fill out your diary, including all the big events that you cannot miss, all lectures and due dates – with reminders!
  • last but not least; breathe! Check out Part One for diaphragmatic breathing tips.

So over the rest of the year, remember to love yourself and absorb all the information you can 🙂

If you would like extra tips on how to eat healthy for you, stress management techniques or would like your very own wellness plan; book in with your local naturopath, or keep an eye on the Clients Wanted section of my website to see if I can help you 🙂

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