Do you have a medically diagnosed chronic condition?

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As part of a clinical paper, I need to support 2 clients with a medically diagnosed chronic condition. The goal is not to “fix” or “heal” or “cure”, but to come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for you, to increase your quality of life and support your journey to health.

Your case will be used for future assessments including a case study report and case presentation as part of my clinical paper (anonymity will be preserved).

Includes 8 appointments: Consultation, wellness plan presentation and 6 follow up appointments.

Initial consultation date: Wednesday 24th July or Wednesday 31st July between 1 pm – 6 pm

These appointments are free of charge if you are:

You are able to attend 8 appointments from July until mid-November (fortnightly appointments at the student clinic in Albany) – this is a must, as not attending all 8 appointments will jeopardize my ability to complete 3 assessments in my final year and will mean that I have to retake 2 papers. Please take into consideration any overseas trips or holidays you may have already planned.

You are happy and able to buy herbs and/or supplements that may be prescribed as part of your wellness plan (budget considerations will be taken into account when prescribing)

Email for more information and to apply!

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