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The goal is not to “fix” or “heal” or “cure”, but to come up with a treatment plan designed specifically for you, to increase your quality of life and support your journey to health.

Package 1

Includes 2 appointments: Consultation/ wellness plan presentation (2 hours) and 1 follow up appointment (45 minutes)

Package 1 appointments are $180 (includes follow up).

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Package 2

Includes 3 appointments: Consultation/wellness plan presentation (2 hours) and 2 follow up appointments (45 minutes).

Package 2 appointments are $240 (includes follow-ups).

What to expect: a full case history, physical examination, supplement review, and use of a validated clinical outcome measure during the consultation; using shared decision making, of up to three SMART goals, and potentially a herbal formula or/and a supplement prescription if indicated, which will be emailed after the consultation.

*purchase of herbal medicines/supplements are extra costs and are to be paid before dispensing.

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Acute consultations

If you are needing support with one area of your life, then an acute consultation may be better suited for you. Consultation of 1 hour, includes a physical examination, supplement review, use of SMART goals to help you achieve your goal, and potentially a herbal formula or/and a supplement prescription if indicated. Acute consultations can be tailored to suit your needs.

Acute consultations are $80

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Follow-Up appointments

After your initial consultation, a follow-up appointment is recommended within the following 2 weeks. This is to help enable you to understand your treatment plan, and to answer any further questions you may have.

Follow-up appointments are $60

Discovery Call

Book in for a discovery call, this is a 15-minute conversation to help you decide if Naturopathy/herbal medicine is right for you.

Discovery Calls are FREE

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*Appointments are set to online consultations, however, if you think your consult would be more appropriate face-to-face, or if you wish to see me face-to-face, please include this in the booking notes.

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