Castor Oil Packs

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What is castor oil?

Castor oil comes from the Castor oil Plant (Palma Christi or Ricinus communis L.) The part used: oil expressed cold drawn from the seeds without the aid of heat (Bartram, 1998).

Castor oil packs have many uses – from pelvic pain, lung health, digestion, immune system support and reduction of inflammation!

It is recommended to use the packs for at least 1 hour, 3 times a week for at least 3 months; and if improvement in symptoms is seen, reduce to once a week. (White & Foster, 2000, p236).

Caution: do not take castor oil internally (White & Foster, 2000, p461).

Figure 1. In Shape Today (2015).

How to make and apply a castor oil pack

Warm castor oil in a pot (not microwave), careful not to boil. Dip a piece of white cotton material (folded in 4) into the oil. Check warmth on inner elbow for 1 minute. Then apply the cloth to the desired area and cover with a piece of glad wrap to keep it warm – a hot water bottle on top is also beneficial. Keep the pack in place for 1-2 hours as required (Hechtman, 2014).

The lectins in castor oil absorb into the skin, adding 5 drops of lavender oil helps encourage relaxation (White & Foster, 2000, p250).

As always, if symptoms persist, get worse or you would like to know more about how to help support your health – book in with your local naturopath or medical professional 🙂

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