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Jessica Sherwood
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My name is Jessica and I am a qualified Naturopath with a Degree in Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine, I am registered with New Zealand’s largest Naturopathic Association (NMHNZ), and love being a part of the committee to support the naturopathic profession. I decided to study naturopathy and herbal medicine, as I wanted to learn more about how the body heals, how herbal medicine/naturopathy can be and is used every day, and to help with acute and chronic conditions.

My love for helping those with chronic conditions comes from my love for gardening, making my own teas, and especially learning more about the weeds that can be used medicinally (like dandelion), but are often pulled out and forgotten. I’m a proponent for the chronic case, where you have tried to do everything but nothing has helped, or you have tried to figure out what is actually wrong, but no one has been able to help you.

I have a home clinic in Northcross, Auckland, and perform a full physical examination on every client who attends. For my online clients, I refer them to their GP or alternative practitioner who can perform a physical examination when needed, as I believe in the power of human touch and know how necessary it is to get an objective outlook on each client.

As I have struggled with mental health in the past, it was not until I incorporated what I learned, such as the role of nutrients in appetite regulation and mental health, what herbal teas and tinctures I can take for different seasons during my life to help my body do what it does naturally. That I was able to deal with my mental health head-on and apply the strategies to support my wellbeing.

While I have a special interest in conditions related to inflammation in the gut, these often have surprising symptoms like brain fog, memory loss, weight gain/loss, and mental health dysregulation along with common symptoms like alternating diarrhoea and constipation, abdominal pain, pain with defecation, and appetite dysregulation. I love to see clients and love to help support them on the health journey while using all my education and evidence base to provide the best care possible.

I am interested in giving clients a wide network of practitioners to support them, and as such believe in an multi-modal practitioner support for each client – this means that I will refer my clients to practitioners I believe can help support them.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date with everything Jessica Sherwood Naturopathy. I also have a newsletter summarizing the month’s undertakings that you can join.

Be sure to check out my blog page for an inspirational read, and my hand-made flower essences where you can find more details about what they are, and how they work.

Under consultations, you will find an outline of the consultation packages I have available and how to book in to get your own consultation with me.